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You can draw, outline, or scribble on your meme using the panel just above the meme preview image. It hits him right in the groin, and he doubles over in pain. Hans photos. Collection by Hans Moleman.

hans moleman gif

Good Moleman to you. Hans stands on a walkway; someone tosses a football at him. The Meme Generator is a flexible tool for many purposes. Watch and create more animated gifs like The Best of Hans Moleman at gifs. Used as background since this image contains transparency. Why yes, we do. Mar 03, pm. Potentially higher quality, but larger filesize. However, you can also upload your own images as templates. Add Image.

hans moleman gif

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What is the Meme Generator? How can I customize my meme?Hans [1] is a character who appears in the theme song of SpongeBob SquarePants and some episodes.

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However, in the " It's a SpongeBob Christmas! He is a human hand. His name is a play on the word "hands. Hans is a pinkish white hand, with the fingers folded together.

His sleeve can be presumed as part of a naval jacket which would make sense, considering the theme of the show. He has a German accent.

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In the theme song of the show, he can be seen briefly, handing SpongeBob his pants. This episode marks Hans' first role in the series. He appears in cutscenes, where he uses SpongeBob and Patrick as cleaning tools. He uses SpongeBob to clean to cure him of his sickness, and he uses Patrick to clean as punishment for impersonating a doctor. SpongeBob realizes how he chose the wrong Mr.

Krabsand goes out to retrieve the real one, which he had covered with tartar sauce and served with fries. However, upon exiting the Krusty Krab to retrieve him, he sees that Hans is trying to eat him with a fork.

Krabs keeps him at bay with a fry until SpongeBob grabs the cart and wheels him in, with Hans disappearing into the sky. Hans appears in the live-action Patchy segment where Hans rings a bell three times to signify to Patchy that its time for him to open fan mail. At the start of " Underwater Sun ," Hans takes off like a rocket and lands in the ocean, next to SpongeBob's house. Hans is the hand that can be seen in the New Sponge commercial.

He uses SpongeBob to scrub dirty surfaces. However, SpongeBob resists Hans when he wants to clean the grotesque toilet with him. Later, when SpongeBob goes to work at the Krusty Krab again, Hans can be seen using the bathroom there. He appears in SpongeBob's daydreams of him living in a bananaa hot pepperand a chicken parmesan hero house with parodies of the show's theme song playing in each daydream.

He appears in archive footage from the episode " Truth or Square. He catches SpongeBob, Sandyand Patrick if they ever try to cross the dotted red line or fall into an abyss. Whenever SpongeBob or Patrick fall or drift off course, or fail to make it to a checkpoint or area on time when riding in a vehicle, Hans catches them and they respawn back on course to retry.

hans moleman gif

He is seen in the minigame "Magic Treasure Ride," trying to block Mr. Krabs from getting money. Hans is seen taking the player's character away whenever the player makes it to the end of a stage. Hans is seen in the mini-game "Buns-a-Blazin," where he is seen taking the ingredients for the Krabby Patty.

Football To The Groin - Football GIF

Hans can be seen giving the player an ice cube to throw at SpongeBob and Plankton. This wiki.But before it appeared on The Simpsons, and long before it took on its final form as a memethe concept of inter-hedge travel was just an idea in the head of a sci-fi-obsessed kid running around the suburbs of northeast Philadelphia named David Mirkin.

As a child, Mirkin — who worked as an electronics engineer before becoming a writer and director — devoured movies, comics, and horror magazines, as well as science-fiction shows like Star TrekThe Outer Limitsand The Twilight Zone.

Mirkin wanted to subvert the common sitcom trope of the annoying neighbor who always pops over uninvited and put a twist on it. Once it hit the mainstream, the meme mushroomed on Twitter, where quick-fire reaction GIFs are king.

As Mirkin points out, the Homer meme is no exception. The internet loved the reference-within-a-reference, and even Time magazine covered the rare instance of the Simpsons universe folding in on itself. Mazariegos was stunned by the reaction.

It fits into whatever people are trying to say in that moment. As far as Mazariegos knows, this is the first time The Simpsons has referenced a Simpsons meme on the show, at least so explicitly. As for meme culture, he drew an analogy with early New York City rap. After 30 years and going on episodes, The Simpsons has put so many jokes and ideas into the ether that it seems inevitable that some would mutate and bubble back up in unexpected ways, including as memes.

Memes remain more alchemy than science. After that, the culture takes over. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Tags: vulture section lede vulture homepage lede cesar mazariegos david mirkin fox tv comedy the simpsons gifs memes homer simpson extremely online More. Most Viewed Stories.If you're on a mobile device, notes. You can move and resize the text boxes by dragging them around. Upload new template. Good Moleman to you.

Women drivers are statistically proven to be better than men - so why does the internet tell us otherwise? Add Image. You can insert popular or custom stickers and other images including scumbag hats, deal-with-it Why yes, we do. Note that Android and other mobile or Imgflip Pro Basic. Short, bald, bad posture, thick glasses, the works. Before we introduced this, there was no way to remove the watermark from memes without Create.

hans moleman gif

View … kickassia. This is how you look if your a born again teenager. Hans Moleman works at my gym, picking up and restocking towels. Here's a place to post images and memes on that theme. However, you can also upload your own images as templates. Posts Tagged "moleman" photoset. It hits him right in the groin, and he doubles over in pain. Sort: Relevant Newest season 4 episode 13 4x13 hans moleman season 6 episode 18 hans moleman 6x18 the simpsons season 5 episode 18 old skateboard sad season 4 episode 16 concerned 4x16 season 6 episode 18 hans moleman 6x18 … It would also be a good point to discuss my understanding of certain core elements the Sun Piece, Realm of Dreams, etc to refresh people before moving into the Timmy Day 2 stuff.

hans moleman gif

Use resolution of original template image, do not resize. Including screencaps and gifs from all seasons, the movie, comics, news, books, videos, tweets from the creators, fan art, merchandise, contests, events, and more! Any other font on your device can also be used. Sep 5, - The Simpsons, the most iconic animated TV series of our time found its way to tumblr.

Info Alpha Coders 1 Image 1 Gif. Note: font can be customized per-textbox by clicking the gear icon.

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Looking for games to play during your virtual game night? Make Hans Moleman Boo-Urns memes or upload your own images to make custom memes. However, if you'd really like to, you can remove our watermark from all images you create, as well as remove ads and supercharge i care u and moleman non non and all ur muses Mar 05, pm; fyspringfield. Oh, I'd only waste them anyway Hans Moleman.

Hans stands on a walkway; someone tosses a football at him.Ralph Wiggum is a character in The Simpsons. The nature of his mentality is kept rather ambiguous, much like many of the signature traits of much of the show's cast.

Like almost every other character in Springfield, he may not be quite as simple as he first seems, as evidenced by his hinted immense potential as a performer.

He is best known as the Springfield 's resident oddball, and has been acknowledged for his non-sequitur and erratic behavior. His lines range from purely nonsensical, or bizarre interpretations of a current event to surprisingly profound statements that go over people's heads. In " Lisa's Pony ", he is strangely depicted as intelligent and poetic. It was revealed in " Moms I'd Like to Forget " that this was because his dad dropped him on his head when he was a baby.

For this, Ralph is somewhat of an outcast among his peers, although he seems to be on good terms with a fair number of the other kids at school, such as BartLisaand Milhouse. Ralph is quite an enigma of a child. Upon first glance, one might mistake him for a child with dementia, or, perhaps, they might even look at him as mentally challenged.

It is shown in " Moms I'd Like to Forget " that he was a normal, well-functioning baby until he was dropped on his head by his father. His unique manner of speech is often the source of the character's trademark random quotes, where Ralph may make a comment such as "What's a battle? Flandersyou're blindeded!

He is an incredible tap dancer and played the role of George Washington in the school play.

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Like Washington, he not only recited his lines perfectly but also managed to play the role so well that he brought the audience to tears.

Ralph is in his first year of second grade and also shown to be able to drive his father's police cruiser. Ralph is often seen in very awkward situations such as eating paste, crayons, worms, clay, knobs, lamps, and the Easter bunny, and other such erratic forms of behavior that have since become a staple of the character. Ralph has a rather immense imagination and is seemingly oblivious to the world around him. As such, he is generally a cheerful boy. However, Ralph also has a hint of tragedy and dark satire to him, like almost every other character on the show.

Throughout the show's history, Ralph is eternally the odd one out among his peers at school. He has connections because his father is Chief of Police.

Ralph seems to generally get along with many people, as well as occasionally irritate and baffle them. After Lisa gave him a Valentine out of pity, Ralph developed a crush on her.

The pair eventually become friends and Lisa has generally been nice towards him since. On one occasion, Bart is forced by his mother, Margeto play with Ralph.

He is at first bored with Ralph but ends up having fun after they steal Clancy Wiggum's master key to the city, and Bart eventually admits that Ralph is his friend. Clancy, in particular, rather adores his son as the two do much together, such as various road trips or Ralph's first trip to a major league baseball game. His favorite food is school supplies. Ralph has a multitude of imaginary friends such as Wiggle Puppy and a pyromaniacal leprechaun being particularly well-known among viewers.

Ralph's teacher, Miss Hooveris indifferent to his personality and his imagination. Though she will often correct him in a dull, condescending manner, "The children are right to laugh at you, Ralph," she tells him at one point she has yet to outright scold him.Berbicara mengenai perjudian togel singapore, tentu di Indonesia sudah tidak asing lagi, karena jenis judi ini termasuk permainan paling favorit bagi para bettor penggemar toto sgp di Indonesia.

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"hans moleman" Memes & GIFs

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